I'm Beth.

I have been photographing people and places professionally since 2011 and--despite not liking most wedding photography--I love this job. I get to work with some amazing humans who let me witness and document the power and beauty of intentional relationships and community. As a recent friend said at her own wedding..."love is a phenomenon." And I get to document it. 

Like most photographers/artists, I wear many hats and  inhabit many spheres that bleed into one another. I am also a more-than-photo artist and often make installation based work. In 2020, I went to grad school for a Masters in Fine Art in Photography at Rhode Island School of Design with a self-designed emphasis in Art and Ecology- focusing on climate change and how art can be a force of activism and education. I love reading critical eco and art theory and sometimes teach at the University level. You can see some of this work at www.beth-johnston.com and some of my editorial work at www.bethjohnston.photography - all of this influences my wedding photography and vice versa. 

I believe in art wholeheartedly. And believe that despite this complicated, messy, and often heartbreaking world that we live in, taking a moment to celebrate the good stuff-can be a regenerative and even radical act. I am honored to get to document some of the good stuff. 

I'd love to talk more if you're interested. Send me an email and we'll get started. 

All my best, 


meet beth

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Other Work Links: 

Artist + Educator Work

Editorial Work

What to expect

Whether this is your first time having professional photos taken or you're a seasoned pro, I'm here to answer any of your questions and offer guidance along the way.

I don't expect you to have any experience with having your photo taken- in fact, I expect you to be really awkward- because when a camera is present, things can get wonky. I know my face starts to twitch a little when a camera is pointed my way. It’s just part of the photographic process. The more we can embrace that- laugh about it even- the more fun we'll have (and the better the photos will be!).

I'm here to read all of the different layers of the situation (i.e. the lighting, the scene, the interpersonal dynamics, stress levels) and then coach you accordingly. Sometimes that means I don’t say anything and just let the situation play out. Sometimes that means I’ll ask you to take a few steps forward or backward to find the better lighting. Sometimes I’ll choose to not take a photo, because the situation feels sensitive enough that the click of a shutter would ruin it. This is about sensing subtleties of the full story, not just about making perfect images (though that is obviously a high priority). After years of doing this work, I feel confident in responding to the space, people, and experience as it unfolds and creating images from that reality. And I’ve found that the end result – photos that are created from this process – mean more.

For weddings, I have a brief questionnaire that helps me document the people, beings, and things that are most important to you. I'll send this questionnaire as soon as the date is booked. I don't need the completed form until a month before the wedding, but it can be helpful to look through as you plan the day. I'm happy to hop on a call at any point before and after your wedding to talk through logistics, brainstorm an off-the-wall idea, or help with printing your photos.

If you're eloping and want help planning, I'm happy to provide some guidance. I can help with the best timing for light, figuring out the location, and recommend other vendors.

After the wedding/elopement/photoshoot, you'll receive 10+ previews from the day within 10 days (usually 1-3 days). You'll receive the full gallery of edited images within 8 weeks.

The gallery will be active for one year. As the “owner” of the gallery you can do several things including hiding images that you don’t want everyone to see, download the full resolution files, and share with any friends and family that you’d like.

Still have questions about the process? Just email me (beth) and I’m happy to discuss!

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Do I have reproduction rights? 
Yes. All of my services include the full personal reproduction rights. That means you can print your photos with any service. 

Can we order prints from you? 
Yes. I have an online gallery service where you will receive all of your digital files ready for download. You can also order prints, albums, and framed pieces. All orders are printed from professional labs- I promise that these photos are 100 times better than what you'd get printed at Walgreens. But you can also print them wherever you want with your personal reproduction rights. 

Do you have albums? 
Yes. You can design and order them through the gallery. 

Do you travel? 
Yes. I travel all over the Rocky Mountain region (and beyond!) . I try to be fair in my travel costs- please see above for more details or reach out to me and we can crunch some numbers. 

Do you have insurance? 

Are you a legit business? 
Sure am. 

What should we wear? 
Simple answer: what you are most comfortable in (as in what is most true to you). 

What is the best time to shoot? 
 We can shoot anytime of the day, however by far the best natural lighting is about 1.5 hours before sunset until 10 minutes after sunset (this is the golden "hour"). If it is possible to shoot during this time, we will have a lot more creative options.

What should we do with our photo files?
Use them! You should print them, get them up in your house, send them to friends and family! but you also should back them up in several places. I will try to have backup for 2 years after your shoot date but it is helpful if you have your own backup as I can't always guarantee that some glitch won't find its way into my system. 

How do we book you? 
1. email me through the contact page to see if your date is available.
2. we can set up a time to chat on the phone/zoom/etc or we can handle everything through email. 
3. decide what you would like included (a second photographer, film coverage, etc.) and I will make up a contract for you to electronically sign. A 50% deposit and a signed contract is due to officially hold your date.
4. that's it. you're booked! 

Then what? 
After booking:
1. you will receive a questionnaire that helps me prepare for the date. This is due 1 month prior to your wedding/event. 
2. We can chat/meet as much as you need throughout the process. I'm always happy to brainstorm your timeline and give tips on best lighting, etc... 
3. Check-in 1 month before your wedding/event (usually a quick zoom just to make sure we've got our ducks in a row) 
4. I'll be there! I'll document. You'll receive a preview within 10 days. Then the full gallery within 8 weeks. The gallery will be active for 1 year and can be reactivated upon request (in most cases).